Find out if you’re eligible for RPDS support.

1. Is the total dollar-request large enough?

We understand that typical budget requests vary greatly among disciplines. For the natural and applied sciences, “large enough” might mean $10 million or more. Social sciences and humanities budgets are often more modest. Investigators in all fields are encouraged to apply for RPDS assistance.

2. Will your proposal involve investigators from at least three different academic departments and/or Organized Research Units?

3. Is the proposal due-date at least 8 weeks away?

›› If you answer “yes” to the 3 questions above, we invite you to submit a contact us.

If you answer “no” to some of these questions, we may still be able to help you with specific proposal-preparation needs. Contact us to inquire.

As a small unit, RPDS isn’t yet able to provide individualized assistance to all who request help. However, we coordinate with other proposal preparation units across the campus and may be able to assist you in that way. We invite you to check out Proposal Preparation Made Easier, and tell us what additional information might help you with proposal preparation.